Top office 2019 professional plus benefits you need to embrace


The following are some of the benefit that you are going to get when you embrace the use of Office 2019 professional plus

  • Active directory integration: In the Office 365 Pro Plus where you will get the office 2019 professional plus, the user permissions can be managed quickly and synchronized with the AAD – Azure active directory, which enables SSO – single sign on for your uses providing an easier process of login for everyone to the office on the overall.
  • Click to run: With the Office 365 Plus, there is an installation process which is streamlined, making it to be faster and easier for user to get on to the setup and you can as well allow the users who are permitted by the local admin to install the ProPlus on a manual basis via the web-based portal. The ProPlus is installed like a package but you can decide to exclude particular programs depending on your user needs or the storage capacity that you have. The click to run makes cumulative updates, denoting, you will not have to install the older patches to get the latest updates.
  • Flexibility of deployment: It is possible to deploy the Office 365 ProPlus to be able to work on multiple devices in various ways which are suitable for your current digital transformation state – using the ODT – office deployment tool or the SSCM – System center configuration manager for the deployments for on-premise or through the CDN – office content delivery network and the deployment of ODT from the Microsoft cloud.
  • Storage integration and file sharing: All the applications for ProPlus integrate seamlessly with the storage and file-sharing services of Microsoft cloud like the OneDrive, and you will get a storage of 1TB, which makes it even much easier to access, backup and share the assets of the business critical quite easier and from any location of work.
  • Group policy: The setting for the ProPlus can be easily managed via the same setting of the group policy which your business utilizes with other Office versions which are installed already on the work devices.
  • Latest updates: Due to the fact that it receives the feature updates on a regular ongoing basis, the Office 365 ProPlus is known to be one of the most secure and feature rich version that is readily available for any enterprise. There are feature updates which are automatic by default but you can easily change if you are a system admin to allow only the updates depending on what you want to use, within the network of the user, after manage or testing updates by use of SSCM. You can as well control the frequency a user is able to get updates for Office apps; monthly or semi-annual
  • More licenses: The ProPlus is able to give you up to five licenses with every subscription that you get, which allows you to have it installed across extra computers that are desk bound and mobile work laptops, enabling a digital workplace that is on the go. One thing which is mostly misunderstood is that, you can get to allow the ProPlus installed to a maximum of 5 tablets and smartphones using the same subscription, with the support of all the latest devices on the market.

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