Some Effective CS:GO Tips from Angry Teammates


Angry and toxic teammates mostly ruin your ranked games. Nobody likes people raging at their team loudly in the voice chat. But what if some of their recommendations can be more effective than you think? Let’s find out which tips are worth attention.

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No Reloading!

Shooter games, especially single player ones, taught players to reload after every kill. The first thing a CS:GO player should do is getting rid of that habit. Most weapons here reload from 2 to 4 seconds. This time is enough for an enemy to look around the corner or pass through the zone you control.

Don’t Turn a 3v1 into Many 1v1’s

Winning the round is easy when you are 3v1 or 4v2. Turning that “easy” into “critical” requires organizing your team in the way your opponents would like you to do. When you protect the bombsite from enemies, your goal is to guarantee the exchange: make the enemy sacrifice one player every time they go in for the kill.

Dude, Does Your Sidearm Scare You?

Pistols are incredibly useful in CS:GO. No, we are not sarcastic. A pistol is great for close quarter combats when you pray for the best because a mag of your AK-47 or M4 ran out of rounds already. It is a powerful and perfect thing for those who are afraid of rushing forward.

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