Dota Betting: Tips to win

Dota 2 seems like a simple game on the outside, but it’s really complex and hard to master. To find your way up the division is something not to be taken easily. And if you want to move up and are having a tough time doing so, then sincerely there are many things that you might be doing wrong.

Meanwhile many know the fundamentals of the game, but whenever it comes to playing in the proper roles, planning and hero picks; they fail to decide what they must do. There are many players who do specific things just as they saw the pros of doing it. Although what the pros do is something that must be followed, the most essential thing is knowing the reasons behind it. A good instance of this might be pulling the creeps while your team is pushing the enemy tower, trying to bring it down.

Here is a guide for you, which will teach you with all the other methods to make you win this game. You can also find the same at

Knowing where to ward

Many people support players or even core ones just put award about their personal preference, ignoring some points that may give them a better reach. One thing you have to do is just see the preview of the wards vision area before actually placing it. This way you will get a better idea of the area that you would cover when the ward is placed. This even helps in judging early ganks or possible Roshan attempts if you have used the words wisely.

Constantly checking opponent items

One thing that defines good Dota 2 players with better ones is the knowledge of the enemy team heroes. This can lead you a long way if you know what your opponent heroes are up to. As a carry, there could be little to no benefit in making a Butterfly as your enemy that can carry is already on the way to a monkey king bar.

Checking for runes

At times we get so caught up in the game, we forget the most obvious things. On the other hand the zero-minute rune, at times we usually ignore the counter runes. With the remaining patch changes, there have been some alterations to the way runes spawn as well.

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