Bruno Fernandes: A new breeze for the unity of Manchester United


Just joined MU last January, but Bruno Fernandes has somewhat shown the amount of nearly 70 million pounds that the red spent for himself is not wasted at all.

2 goals, 2 assists after 5 appearances are just statistics from 188BET Website in Vietnam, The Portuguese contribution to the red’s play is something that is worth mentioning more. He helps MU’s play become more elegant and mutant, creating a link between defense and attack thanks to his extremely good ability to regulate. Bruno really brought a new spirit to The red.

In the last few years, Man Utd is like a picture that lacks color due to the problem of the middle field. Paul Pogba was brought back to Old Trafford to carry out this mission. However, the French midfielder tends to attack (instead of being a dealer in the middle of the field). Paul Pogba himself is always erratic when returning to Man Utd.

The Guardian once pointed out Man Utd’s problem. It is too few midfielders who have a “desire to own the ball”. Scott McTominay almost could not hold the ball. Or Paul Pogba overused it too much. This leads to the fact that the passes that pass upwards are … useless. They don’t have a central midfielder good enough to develop it. In the end, the long pass is always chosen.

Bruno Fernandes was brought in from the winter transfer window and immediately proved his influence. If in the first match against Wolves, things were a bit out of step between Bruno Fernandes and his teammates, the situation would have been better against Chelsea. Bruno Fernandes created three chances and he the one who gave the decisive pass to Harry Maguire. If luckier, the Portuguese midfielder was able to register on the scoreboard as he hit the post.

When Bruno Fernandes could not keep up with the match, the Man Utd midfield proved inferior to Chelsea. And only after 5 minutes of play, Chelsea had the first chance of Reece James. But when Burno gradually found himself. The red’s play has improved markedly.

Solskjaer used Bruno Fernandes in the deepest midfield and focused on developing the ball from this side. Fred is like a space shuttle, and Matic is just the gatekeeper in front of the defenders of Man Utd. In modern football, as the long-passing strategy becomes obsolete, the ball needs to be developed from the downline, the role of conductors like Bruno Fernandes is becoming more and more important.

After Bruno appeared at the Old Trafford, no one seemed to mention the most expensive star in the past Paul Pogba Witnessing the dazzling performance of Fernandes, the legendary Paul Scholes of Manchester United was excited and said that the midfielder has the ability to make an excellent replacement for the French midfielder.

“I think the fact that in the past few weeks no one mentioned Pogba coming back to the team anymore. All are only interested in what Fernandes brings to the team,” Scholes shared on BT Sport.

“He can bring in things that NHM has expected from Pogba over the years. Fernandes can work well with any central midfielder of M.U from Matic, Fred to McTominay.” Scholes continued

There has been significant progress but the fact that Man Utd system is still not smooth enough to understand the intentions of Bruno Fernandes. Anyway, optimists still believe that this problem can be solved over time.

Man Utd can completely get better if adapted to the play of Bruno Fernandes. And now, when they are only 3 points behind the top 4 Premier League, they can completely fulfill their goal of returning to their most prestigious arena in Europe.

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