Increase Your Property Value Without Building Onto Your House

The value of an attractive landscape cannot be overstated. In fact, when you design a beautiful landscape, it can increase a property’s worth by 10% to 15% in Australia. Instead of building an extension, you may want to concentrate on your outdoor living space. Not only will you spend less for the upgrade but you can realise a sizable increase in your property’s value.

What One Study Revealed

One study showed that landscape design in Australia is highly touted among real estate developers and agents. Respondents viewed the picture of a recently built suburban house. It was designed with only a concrete path and lawn. Respondents were also shown pictures of the house with various plant types and shapes centred among a variety of landscaping designs. The plant sizes ranged from small to large, depending on whether the plant was a shrub, tree, or perennial.

Sophistication Levels for Landscape Designs Make a Big Difference

Sophistication levels for landscape designing include foundation planting, foundation planting with the inclusion of two trees, and an island planting formed in the shape of an oblong. Some of the plant types include evergreens only and evergreen shrubs with deciduous plants, which are plants whose leaves shed in the fall. Some of the photos showed evergreen and deciduous plants with annual and perennial flowers or annual or perennial growth along with a brick sidewalk.

Maintaining Plant Diversity

When survey respondents looked at these examples, they ranked the sophistication of the design the most important facet when designing a property for value. Next, they ranked plant size and plant diversity. They preferred a landscape that featured large evergreen and deciduous plantings along with a coloured hardscape and annually blooming plants.

Place More Value on Landscaping Activities

As you can see, when you place more value into the landscape, your property will increase in value and be perceived more favourably. When you institute landscape design in Australia, this is important to remember. Studies of this type prove why it is always a good idea to keep your yard looking its best at all times.

Make a Difference in Your Home’s Value

Do you want to make a difference in your home’s perceived or actual value? If so, you need to concentrate on improving the hardscaping and soft-scaping around your property. Find out what plants are best to place close to your house and what trees will provide the best shade for ongoing sustainability and energy savings.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune

You have it in your power to upgrade your home and improve its value without spending a fortune in the process. Find out more about your landscaping options today. Allow a landscape contractor to demonstrate the relationship between the value of a landscape and a house. Investing in landscape design is one investment that you will never regret financially or aesthetically.



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