Interior Decor – Use Shabby Chic Decor and Lace to produce a Beautiful Room!

Are you currently searching for accents to enhance your shabby chic interior design decorating style? The reply is to make use of lace–new or old is a superb choice since lace symbolizes elegance and elegance. Strategies for using lace inside your shabby chic decorating ideas include:

*Lace curtain panels – This can be a attempted and true utilization of lace. Lace curtains allow light right into a room whilst adding a little elegance. They might be tied back, hung right to the ground or hung straight and left to “pool” on the ground.

*Lace valances – Lace valances can be utilized alone or with lace panels. I made use of an attractive creamy lace valance with salmon-colored 1″ wooden shutters in 2 family room home windows. They looked elegant in addition to light and airy and labored in perfectly within my shabby chic interior design style.

*Lace placemats or doilies – Use lace placemats for every table setting or included in a table centerpiece. Doilies are versatile and add a little style to the furniture piece. My personal favorite use for doilies would be to put them so that they hang within the fringe of shelves to have an attractive, pretty look.

*Lace-trimmed decorative pillows – These decorative pillows really are a “must” in shabby chic decorating. You might like to make use of your own appropriate pillows and add some trim.

*Lace handkerchiefs – Browse in antique shops and local flea markets for vintage lace handkerchiefs. They may be used very similar as doilies like a shabby chic interior design accessory.

*Lace scarves – They can be used runners on furniture in addition to draped over furniture. I especially like lace scarves or short lace panels draped within the rungs of the small wall coatrack or mug rack.

*Lace-trimmed linens – Both you and your visitors will like resting on lace-trimmed linens. Get these or add some trim yourself.

*Lace wrist pin cushion – Yes, you will find lace wrist pin cushions–something for everybody! Do an online search, and you’ll locate them.

This will provide you with incentive to begin searching for lace! Let the creativity flow enjoy yourself including these accessories inside your shabby chic interior design.

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