Eligibility Criteria For Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment has become a very trendy dental procedure and is replacing the use of traditional braces. With braces, you need to be careful all the time; you have to avoid certain food items, and you cannot brush your teeth correctly, either. Moreover, some people are conscious of the visibility of their braces, which can lower the confidence of the person. 

However, with Invisalign, you do not have to face all these difficulties. Invisalign provides clear aligners that are not visually visible and, thus, a discreet option for people who are conscious about their looks. You can remove them easily at your convenience and can put them back on quickly. They are durable and provide longevity to the teeth. They shift your misaligned teeth back in place over time. 

To get the procedure, you can reach out to a general dentist in Torrance, CA. 

Let us look at what makes a person eligible for the treatment:

  • Get a proper check-up done for any oral health issues

It is essential that before you start with your treatment, you should not have any cavities or other dental issues. They need to be taken care of first. It is done in order for no hindrance to the treatment. Your gum disease or any other dental health issue can make the process complicated. Moreover, you must maintain good oral hygiene practices before getting started with the treatment. Brush your teeth regularly and floss as well. 

  • Age-related factors in Invisalign treatment

Teenagers or adolescents can get the treatment done; they can get their teeth checked thoroughly by a dentist first, and then the treatment can begin. In the case of adults, they can also have this treatment done and save themselves from the use of traditional braces. Adults can then flaunt their teeth without a care in the world. The aligners will be curated in a way that does not hinder their daily life routines. 

  • They are suitable for mild dental issues. 

If you are experiencing severe dental issues, then you may need to get braces for it. However, if it is a mild issue like having a gap between teeth or problems crowding in your teeth, then they can be treated with Invisalign. Your teeth will be thoroughly examined through different techniques like viewing your teeth in 3 dimensions and getting a closer look. 

Get started with your treatment by booking an appointment! 

Once the dentist thoroughly assesses your teeth, you can get started with the treatment. However, it would help if you did not have some unrealistic idea about it. You can get a picture of how your teeth will look at the end of the procedure. 

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