Just What Exactly Is Skill-Based Gambling?

You’ll often hear veteran gamblers talk about skill-based versus luck-based gambling. But what are they talking about, and what is the difference? To put it another way, when you head to an online casino, which game is your best bet?

To put it in a nutshell, skill-based gambling is the idea that the better you are at a game, the more you can win. This is in contrast to luck-based gambling, which doesn’t pay out more frequently no matter how good you are at the game.

There is more to it though, so let’s jump n for a deeper look.

Slots Are The Domain Of Lady Luck

Online slots are wonderful, offering enormous entertainment. They come in all shapes and sizes, are bursting with colour and sound, and do indeed provide a chance to walk away richer. But here is the big question; is there such a thing as a professional slots player? No there isn’t. Why? Because there is no way to win at slots beyond luck.

Slots work on Random Number Generators (RNG) which are systems that ensure that every spin is random. RNG is great for slots, given that you demand fairness when you spin the reels. On the other hand, there is nothing you can do to change RNG. Although each spin is fair, RNG also takes the game completely out of your hands. This doesn’t mean that slots are less entertaining, only that they are entirely luck based.

How Does RNG Work?

But what is RNG, and is it truly random? There are many digital games, including video games, that use RNG elements. RNG in digital games adds a layer of fun, given that unexpected things can occur. But how does a computer generate random numbers?

The truth is that RNG isn’t an easy nut to crack. Software engineers came to the conclusion long ago that computers can’t actually generate random content. They can give the illusion of generating random content, but underneath the illusion is a software system following a set of rules. So does this mean that slots aren’t really random?

A great deal of time, money and effort has gone into creating real RNG in slots. Dedicated, specialised hardware is put into play, which uses elements like atmospheric readings and other external sources to generate truly random numbers. It’s a deep topic which we won’t get into here. But, rest assured that the RNG in slots truly is random.

More Skill, Less Random

Roulette is another game that relies heavily on luck, but with an interesting twist. If you ask someone new to Roulette to play, chances are they’ll run out of money before long. On the other hand, ask someone that is familiar with Roulette to play and they are more likely to walk away with a win.

Yes, Roulette is based on the outcome of a ball, which is entirely in the realm of luck. But if you bet smart in Roulette, your chances of winning can go up. There is an element of skill in Roulette, and if you apply a strategy you can even come out on top with increased regularity. So is Roulette a game of skill? No, not by the strict definition of the word.

Head over to Grand Eagle casino, try out the Roulette, and see how much skill you think is involved.

Blackjack Is The Realm Of Skill

So what are the skill-based games in casinos? First up is a true classic; Blackjack. In Blackjack you go head to head against the house, trying to get your hand closer to a total of 21. It’s a tricky game, and if you’ve enjoyed a few rounds know that there is far more strategy involved than meets the eye. So how is Blackjack a game of skill?

If you play perfect Blackjack, you can indeed win in the long run. There is certainly an element of luck involved, given that you never know which cards you’re going to get. But, by playing smart, understanding the odds, and making the right move, the odds can sway in your favour. Remember that you know at least one of the dealer’s cards, given that it’s dealt face-up. With this knowledge, you can make a prediction of how the dealer’s hand will turn out and play accordingly.

Make no mistake, you’ll never win every hand of Blackjack every time. But you can play well enough to keep ahead and walk away with more money than when you started.

Poker Is For True Gambling Pros

Next up is the casino game that the world loves; Poker. Poker, more specifically Texas Hold’Em, is the game that pros gravitate towards, mostly because there is no house edge. When you play Texas Hold’Em you play against other humans, meaning that the rules are, across the board, entirely fair. You have the same chance of getting cards as the other players, and use the same set of rules. If you’re good at the game you’ll win, if you’re an amateur you’ll lose against pros.

Keep in mind that the biggest part of Poker isn’t the cards, but how you choose to bet. Which is to say; you can’t change the cards you’ve been dealt, but can sway the tide in your favour with smart betting. Think of it this way; an amateur player can lose, even if getting great hands the entire night. A pro can still win, even if only getting terrible hands.

How Can You Turn Pro?

With all of this being said, can you be a professional gambler? The short answer is that, yes, of course you can, assuming you put in the time and effort. Though, being a professional at anything takes a great deal of time and dedication.

Needless to say, you won’t be a professional Roulette player, and certainly not a professional slots player. You’ll have to turn your attention to Blackjack and Poker. Most likely Poker, given that it’s where the biggest tournaments are. Interested in trying? There are many online Poker tournaments happening right now. Good luck!

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