Tattoo Numbing Creams – A Look With A Chemistry Perspective

Tattoo numbing cream are most known for their magical effects on completely cutting down the pain during microblading, facial fillers, botox, or any surgical treatments, mostly used by surgeons, dermatologists, and tattoo artists. Let us understand how these creams are manufactured and using what chemical compounds it is made.

How Do Numbing Cream Chemicals Work?

The tattoo numbing creams are composed of many chemicals and are sold in many forms, that is as sprays, creams, gels, tablets, etc. There are three types of categories, where the chemicals used in numbing creams are divided. They are

  1. Nerve deadeners: These are anesthetics where the nerves completely are made numb and not even a pinch is felt. You can see the needle penetrate through the skin, blood oozing out but it doesn’t feel like an ant also a bit. It completely kills the pain. Lidocaine is mostly used in such anesthetics.
  2. Nerve vessel constrainers: These anesthetics lower the blood pressure on the vessels and has a much longer numbing effect than the others. Preferably used in medical procedures and long surgeries by doctors. Chemical compounds like ephipherene are used.
  3. Nerve Blockers: These completely do not nullify the pain but provide a lot of comforts. Few people may not prefer using extensive chemicals for pain relief and they tend to choose much fewer time relievers. Benzocaine is one such example.

What Does Market Have To Offer?

Many distributors and manufacturers are offering a wide variety of numbing creams along with after tattoo, skin care products as complementary and gifts, also at reasonable prices to attract and stand out in the market.

Other Uses Of Numbing Creams

Tattoo numbing creams with a higher concentration of lidocaine can also be used for other purposes than numbing

  • Can be used on sunburned skin, providing comfort within less time and helps reduce the burning sensation and a cooling effect is provided
  • Helps in comforting people with joint pains, arthritis, and any kind of bone-related issues by numbing the organ and thus minimizing the pain
  • Acts as relieving lotions in cases of skin diseases without causing any side effects
  • Can also be used during laser body hair removal and body waxing as pain numbing. Though it is not of any medical or purely cosmetic need, it can still be used as pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Numbing Creams

  • Are numbing creams safe?

This is the most asked question and well lot of considerations should be done be, but it is safe to use branded and FDA-certified creams

  • Are numbing creams costly?

No, they are very reasonable and affordable.

  • Can numbing cream mess up a tattoo?

Numbing cream sets the tattoo to perfection, with more convenience. One thing as the pain reduces, shaky movements can be avoided which itself leads to comfortable to make the tattoo.

  • Any side effects?

Mild to minute side effects can be expected but it wouldn’t be longer than 15 to 20mins

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