Forest Lake Estates for sale Conway SC And Start Your Dream Life


The small community of single-family estate residences known as Forest Lake Estate may be found near Conway, Arkansas, next to the Burning Ridge Golf Course. The area is distinguished by its brick bespoke homes, which are constructed on enormous home lots and are filled with a range of facilities that are not offered in the cookie-cutter communities that are located nearby.

Those who were born and raised in the Conway area are aware of the fact that the neighborhood of Forest Lake Estate is a well-kept secret. Many rich families from the surrounding area have chosen to make Forest Lake Estate their permanent place of residence. Most Forest Lake Estate house lots are a third to a half acre, and residences vary from 1500 to 4200 heated square feet.

There are a few homes that date back to the height of the real estate market in the middle of the 2000s, but the great bulk of the houses were constructed between the years 1985 and 1995. There is a wonderful community of custom homes nearby, and it is highly recommended that you give serious consideration to purchasing a home there.

The senior community of Myrtle Trace, which is well-known across the region, is located nearby, as are the newer dwellings of West Ridge and Ridge Pointe. Both of these communities are located in the immediate area.The neighborhood of Forest Lake Estate in Conway, South Carolina, might be a fantastic option for homebuyers who are looking for a neighborhood that is located close to Myrtle Beach.

This residential area is comprised of residences that are either of moderate or bigger square footage. The majority of the houses that are now available for purchase here are custom-built residences. This wealthy neighborhood has several different floor plans and yards that have been attractively planted. Homebuyers should anticipate finding it to be one region with a consistent amount of houses available for purchase, but properties tend to hold onto their worth. 

Forest Lake Estate’s Real Estate Market

Forest Lake Estates for sale Conway SC and it’s community can be found close to Burning Ridge Golf Course. Residents benefit from substantial amounts of seclusion as well as a wealth of open space a result of this. Although the community is smaller than some others, this is one of the things that draw people to it.

There is often a wide variety of available house sizes, starting at 1,500 square feet and going as high as 4,200 square feet. The size of lots may also vary, although they are typically at least a quarter of an acre in size. The cost of a home may vary anywhere from $200,000 to $350,000.

Amenities Available To Residents Of Forest Lake Estate

It takes around a quarter of an hour to travel from Forest Lake Estates to Myrtle Beach and the rest of the coast from there. Even though these more contemporary houses are for sale in a quiet neighborhood, one can drive to Downtown Conway in only about ten minutes to access its many restaurants, parks, and shopping shops.

They are situated in an area that is known for its tranquility and hushed atmosphere. Because of the allure of the surrounding region, the real estate that is now available to be purchased in this neighborhood is quite desired almost all of the time.

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