Online Gambling -The safest bet?

Lately, there has been a stir around the phenomenon of online gambling, its occurrence peaking during the period of lockdown owing to pandemic. While it has been legalized in a few countries and regions around the world, many others are still scrutinizing the merits and demerits of making it a legal sport.

The first question that would come to the mind of a layman is what exactly constitutes online gambling? The answer is rather simple. Online gambling refers to betting on the internet. It can be through online casinos, telecasted sports, poker, roulette etc. Gambling isn’t a new phenomenon. It has existed since the 1980s and even earlier in many parts of the world. A simple game of dice also falls in the category of gambling which has been a favourite pastime of emperors and rulers. Some of the sites like helps you in getting the better idea of different online gambling.

Legal recognition

Online gambling has legal recognition in parts of the United States of America, Canada, the Caribbean and the European Union while it is prohibited in Cambodia, Japan, Brunei and a few others. But the distinction isn’t in black and white. Online gambling hasn’t been clearly defined and some of its forms are still accepted in countries where it’s considered to be illegal. In the case of India as well, there is no well-defined legislation yet which has been accepted by all the states. Every state has its own set of regulations with regards to it.

While fair play and proper competition rules it a fun sport based on the skills of the player and can help them to earn good money in a short period, the negatives of it make it a less credible option in the eyes of lawmakers. Security concerns, cybercrimes, addiction to online gambling and the risk of losing hard-earned money make the world of online gambling a dark place. It is therefore important to participate in the game under proper legislation and presence of mind while abiding by common logic.

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