Bets on yellow cards: secrets and peculiarities


Today, bookmakers are doing everything possible to interest players and attract a new audience. For example, bookmakers are trying to diversify their lines as much as possible, so they include new betting options in the coverage of a soccer event. Bets on yellow cards quickly gained popularity among the players.

Professional bettors are no longer limited to the classic variants of the game on the popular outcomes in soccer, they are beginning to experiment, to diversify their game. If a bettor has a good knowledge of the sport and attentively watches certain teams’ games, then making a football predictions today for a particular result will be quite easy. Thus, you can safely analyze the information and bet on yellow cards.

Types of bets on yellow cards

Today, bookmakers offer many options for betting on warnings in soccer matches. They may be different at each office.  It is possible to highlight several options that are most in demand among players:

  1. Total – implies the need to predict the total number of yellow cards that will be received by players during the game in regular time. Total is possible for the whole game, as well as for a certain half. Often the option of an individual team total for this indicator is offered.
  2. Outcome – according to the results of this bet “wins” the club that received a greater number of yellow cards. If the number is the same, then a draw is recognized.
  3. Handicap – this type of bet is offered by many bookmakers, but it is a bit more complicated than the previous types of bets. It is calculated according to the principle of bets with handicaps on goals, that is, it assumes a certain “plus” or “minus” for one of the teams on this indicator provided by the bookmaker.
  4. The presumed period of time when the cards are shown – some bookmakers provide the opportunity to bet on such an indicator. It can be difficult to predict it, but most often the second half of the match is the most intense with violations.

Betting on yellow cards is only possible within the soccer coverage.

What should a player consider when betting on yellow cards?

To understand how the bet will be calculated in certain cases, it is necessary to understand the basic features of not only the type of bet, but also some of the nuances of the game. A number of points are important:

  1. A player is removed from the field for two cards, but only one is taken into account. The “mustard” cards received by substitute players or coaches and those shown after the end of regular game time are not taken into account.
  2. A yellow card may be shown between two halves. In this case, it is counted as received in the second half.
  3. When the player bets on a yellow card for a certain player, but that player does not enter the field in the main squad, you can demand a refund from the bookmaker.

It is very important to analyze the statistical data regarding the team as a whole and the individual player before making a bet. The expected composition of the referees also deserves attention. The style of refereeing affects the number of issued cards: some referees may not pay attention to minor infractions, while certain referees record every mistake made by the players.

When analyzing, you should consider the average number of cards in certain championships. Italian and Spanish tournaments are particularly full of yellow cards, in which they are often handed out from the first minutes of the game. In some cases, the interest of the players in the match may influence their style of play and, as a consequence, the number of infringements recorded.

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