Paid and free basketball forecasts: which one to choose?


Such sports discipline as basketball is extremely popular. Fans from different countries actively support their favorite teams, watch the progress, and get upset about losses. Watching the championships becomes even more interesting if a bet is placed. In addition, basketball bets can bring a nice bonus in the form of cash winnings. However, predicting the outcome of an event is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Basketball predictions are a great tool that makes placing a successful bet a lot easier, provided that they are used wisely.

Why do we need sports predictions at all?

New bettors often do not understand what sports forecasts are and why they are needed. In simple terms, a basketball prediction is an expert’s opinion on the possible outcome of an upcoming event. Predictions are written by both professional experts and amateurs.

Such articles are advisory in nature. They discuss various data that in one way or another can affect the outcome of the match. Usually, the end of the prediction features an expert’s recommendation on what bets to place.

How to use prediction data for betting?

Sometimes bettors make a fairly big mistake: after reading one expert prediction, they immediately rush to bet exactly as the author of the article advised. In some cases this approach turns out to be effective, the bet brings a win. However, it is not a good idea to always place bets based solely on the recommendations of experts.

One thing you should understand: any forecaster is just the same person as an ordinary bettor. He can be subjective when writing a prediction on the match of his favorites or simply inattentive. Even professional forecasters who regularly write articles about basketball cannot always produce predictions with 100% accuracy.

Furthermore, not every prediction is trustworthy. For example, the information provided by little-known experts should be treated with caution.

Most experienced bettors have the following strategy:

  • they read several expert predictions;
  • they study other sources of information;
  • they analyze data;
  • they place bets.

In betting, you should always stick to the principle of “cool head”, try to think rationally, and analyze every detail carefully. Bettors should develop their own analytical thinking to highlight the relevant information.

Does it make sense to buy paid predictions?

Many websites regularly publish all sorts of offers to sell paid predictions. The “sellers” guarantee the high accuracy of the data and assure that it is their prediction that will help to make a successful bet. Therefore, many bettors are hooked by such offers and buy the articles.

In most cases, buying a prediction makes no sense. Many paid articles are no better than free ones, moreover, they may be totally uninformative and of poor quality. No one will return the bettors their money after such a purchase. Also sometimes the forecaster, guided by his own considerations or for some specific purposes (for example, an agreement with the bookmakers) sells deliberately misleading information claiming it to be “valuable”.

Another common situation is the sale of predictions on rigged matches. It is no secret that in the sports world there are “fixed” events. Their outcome is known in advance. Of course, a prediction in their respect will be accurate. But still betting on a rigged meeting is not a good idea. And here’s why:

  • bookmakers have a negative attitude toward those who bet on “rigged” events;
  • the bookmaker’s office will surely respond to such activities of bettors.

The reaction to a bet on a rigged match may be different. It depends on a particular bookmaker’s office. Some bookmakers simply cancel the bet, which is quite a favorable option. Others act much tougher and completely block the bettor’s account without the right to restore the access. In this case, the opportunity to withdraw funds from the deposit account is also not provided.

Thus, buying paid predictions is absolutely meaningless. In the best scenario, it will be fraught with the simple loss of a small amount of money. In the worst case, it may lead to problems with the bookmaker and worsen the reputation of the bettor. Therefore, it is better to save the money you were planning to spend on the purchase of the prediction and invest it in betting.

Where to find the best free basketball predictions?

For some reason, many people doubt that accurate information can be freely available. This point of view is fundamentally wrong. However, it is important to choose sources carefully. The accuracy of predictions on unknown websites should certainly raise doubts. Articles published on well-known reputable platforms deserve attention. Authoritative sports portals are interested in publishing accurate predictions because it enables them to improve their reputation and become more popular among bettors.

Many bettors choose Scores24. All basketball fans and basketball betting enthusiasts are recommended to check such a section as Basketball predictions today. It regularly publishes current predictions for upcoming matches. There is no doubt in the quality of the information: the portal carefully checks all the data. Many bettors place bets based on the predictions published on Scores24. In addition, the website help to find other information that may be required by the bettor. For example, there are all sorts of ratings and reviews, standings, and match schedules.

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